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The Author

Jay C. Ceron is of Spanish, Portuguese, and Indigenous American ancestry. Born in Bogota, Colombia, he emigrated with his parents to the U.S. at the tender age of three. He was raised in New York and is a graduate of Aviation High School, St. John’s University, and Pace University, where he earned a master’s degree in computer science. He’s an avid technologist and software engineer. He’s married and has two teenaged daughters. The family lives on Long Island.


When not writing code, Jay is writing fiction. For years, he flirted with different genres, namely science fiction, horror, and literary fiction, with an emphasis on irony. After reading Thomas Harris’ Silence of The Lambs, he knew he was meant to write police mysteries but failed to develop viable plots or protagonists. That all changed on a trip to Jamaica in 2014. While on a glass bottom boat tour, the idea for a character and a novella materialized. That character was Miles Jordan, a smart, charismatic, overweight police detective with a sweet tooth and a relentless drive to solve cases.


From there the Miles Jordan mystery thriller series was born—a set of gripping stories promising a hunt, a killer, plenty of twists and turns, and danger along the way. Whether Miles is on vacation or on the job, murder always seems to follow.


Jay is working on the third book of the series, which he hopes to release early next year.


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