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In what now seems like another lifetime, I used to work as a trainer.  Over the years, the most valuable thing I’ve learned in the gym is not what to do but what not to do.  There are several exercises and training techniques that are still recommended by “certified trainers” today that should be done with extreme caution or never at all.  Most of these defy natural biomechanics.  In other words, involve movements that are unnatural and rarely if ever executed in everyday life.
Triceps Bench Dips
Start by asking yourself, in what real-life situation do you perform this movement?  Unless you’re a contortionist, the answer is probably none.  You could execute some version of it to get up from the floor but there are numerous natural alternatives you’ll instinctively do first.  The movement looks unnatural, feels unnatural, and can lead to injury.  Avoid it.  There are many alternatives that work with your natural biomechanics, like tricep pushdown and seated dumbbell tricep extensions.
Shoulder Press Behind the Neck
The same question applies.  In what real-life situation do you execute this movement?  Just doing the movement without weights feels awkward and unnatural.  Executing it with weights is flirting with injury.  Avoid it.  Do regular barbell and shoulder presses instead.

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